Basic Policy

Japan Asset Marketing Co., Ltd. bases IR activities on the principles of fairness, diligence and timeliness. We strive to execute disclosure impartially and resourcefully, with information that is well-timed and accurate so as to be useful to our investors.

Information Disclosed

Other than financial results (quarterly, interim and full-year), we disclose material facts which are deemed to be relevant to disclosure.

Methods of Disclosure

We enter pertinent information into the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, issue press releases through press clubs and other channels, forward business reports to shareholders, and post this information on our website.

Undisclosed Material Facts

The information we disclose through printed documents, our website, interviews, meetings and other means of information access is limited to facts previously announced, matters of public knowledge and general business conditions or similar information. We will not discuss or comment on material facts that are not already available in the public domain.

Future Outlook

The information we disclose may include forward-looking statements, and changes in the economic environment or in prevailing market conditions could cause actual business content and results to be significantly different than forecasts would indicate. When considering certain aspects of Japan Asset Marketing Co., Ltd., such as performance, competitiveness or corporate value, please do not rely solely on forward-looking statements.

Quiet Period

We maintain a quiet period for three weeks prior to the release of quarterly, interim and full-year financial results. During this period, we refrain from making comments on the content of financial results.